Help build the future of finance, improve your skills, and grow the Yearn Ecosystem. Whether you sign up for an open role, complete a bounty, or submit a new idea, there are many ways to become involved in the Yearn Community!

Our Process Ways to Contribute Contact Us

Start Here: Our Onboarding Process

  1. Complete this form sharing your contact information, skills and interests.
  2. A Yearn Contributor will set up a 5-10 minute call to learn more about your goals and provide an overview of the onboarding process.
  3. If you are a good fit for our community, you will be added to several Yearn groups in Telegram including our main team forum in Telegram. (Telegram is where we do the bulk of our collaboration😉)
  4. We will pair you with a launch buddy who will act as your sherpa helping you ramp up!
  5. Attend our monthly New Contributor Orientation. It is a great way to meet other contributors and core team members.
  6. As you start your new role in a project or begin working on issues across our repos, you will get to meet more yearn team members.
  7. Based on your work & contributions, you are eligible to be added to Coordinape, our monthly grants payroll platform.

Yearn is not a corporation or a formal entity but a distributed collective of individuals passionate about decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Accordingly, Yearn does not solicit resumes or complete formal interviews. We align to a proof of work model— Show us how you can add value, are aligned to our principles, and you can join our community. Contributors are eligible to receive grants for their work.

How Can I Contribute?